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Heritage Commemoration Series / Collection Commémoration du patrimoine

Where available, the cover of the French edition can be viewed by placing your mouse over the book cover.

Le cas échéant, la couverture de l'édition française peut être consulté en plaçant votre souris sur le livre couvrir.

book coverWright, Janet. Church of Our Lady of Good Hope, Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories (1986)
Église Notre-Dame de Bonne-Espérance, Fort Good Hope, Territoires du Nord-Ouest (1986)
Mills, G.E. Former territorial court house, Fort Macleod, Alberta (1988)
Ancien palais de justice territorial, Fort Macleod, Alberta (1988)
book cover
book coverJohnson, Dana. Ottawa Teachers' College, Ottawa, Ontario (1988)
L'édifice du Ottawa Teachers' College, Ottawa, Ontario (1988)
Clerk, Nathalie. Prescott House : Starrs Point, Nova Scotia (1987)
Maison Prescott : Starrs Point, Nouvelle-Écosse (1987)
book cover
book coverClerk, Nathalie. St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Chambly, Quebec (1987)
L'église anglicane St. Stephen, Chambly, Québec (1987)

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