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Historic Sites Series
Sites historiques Série

Where available, the cover of the French edition can be viewed by placing your mouse over the book cover.

Le cas échéant, la couverture de l'édition française peut être consulté en plaçant votre souris sur le livre couvrir.

book coverThe Lake Erie Cross, Erected July, 1922: A Brief History of the Discovery and Occupation of the North Shore of Lake Erie (1669-1670) by the Sulpician Priests François Dollier de Casson and René de Bréhaut de Galinée, who on March 23, 1670, Erected a Cross, at the Foot of which They Affixed a Procès-verbal, with the Arms of France, Thus Taking Possession in the Name of Their King
La croix du lac Erié. Erigée en juillet, 1922 1922.
Guide to Fort Chambly, Chambly, Quebec
Guide du Fort Chambly, Québec 1922.
Guide du Fort Chambly, Chambly, Quebec 1923.
book cover
book coverGuide to Fort Lennox, Ile aux Noix, Quebec
Guide du Fort Lennox, Ile-aux-Noix, Québec c1923.
Guide pour Fort Lennox, Ile-aux-Noix, Quebec 1930.
Guide to Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia book cover
book coverExtracts from the Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1679. Fort Sainte Marie II. Christian Island, Ontario and Palisaded Huron Village (either St. Louis or St. Ignace II), County of Simcoe, Ontario Sir Alexander Mackenzie's Rock: End of the First Journey Across North America With a Map Showing the Course Followed by the Explorer from Bella Coola, B.C., to the Rock, and Illustrated with Views Along the Route book cover
book coverGuide to Fort Wellington and Vicinity, Prescott, Ontario

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