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A History of Canada's National Parks
Volume III
by W.F. Lothian




Chapter 6 — Townsites and Subdivisions 1885-1973


Banff National Park
Townsite of Banff
Townsite Survey and Extensions
Squirrel Street Subdivision
Later Additions
Storage Lots Created
Townsite Development
    Administrative Headquarters
    Town Streets
    Water and Sewer Services
    Electric Power Service
    Departmental Buildings
    Work Camp and Maintenance Compound
    Other Building Construction
Saddle-horse Concessions
Banff's Churches
The School System
Banff Archives and Library
Banff Centre for Continuing Education
    New Development Plan
Banff Recreational Centre
    Request for Assistance
    Curling Rink Constructed
    Skating Rink Built
Visitor Accommodation
    Banff Springs Hotel
    The Grandview Villa
    The Sanitarium
    Hot Springs Hotel
    Townsite Hotels
    Backyard Cabins
    Bungalow Camps
    Conversion of Housing
    Other Accommodation
    Motel Construction
Anthracite and Bankhead Townsites
Canmore and Exshaw Townsites
Townsite of Silverton (Silver City)
Lake Minnewanka Subdivision
Lake Louise Townsite
    Lake Louise Tram Line
    Developments at Lake Louise Station
    Lake Louise Ski Developments
    Redevelopment Proposals
    Lake Louise Townsite Area
Lake Louise Visitor Services Centre
    Early Plans
    Motel Development
    Development Proposals Approved
    Consultant Engaged
    Village Lake Louise
    Skiing Potential Study
    Public Hearings on Development
    Development Plan Completed
    The Public Hearing

Yoho National Park
Townsite of Field
    Townsite Surveys
    Leases Deferred
    Leases are Issued
    Station Grounds Extension
    Exchange Delayed
    Townsite Expanded
    Re-survey of Townsite
    Latest Townsite Addition
    Departmental Buildings
    Mounted Police Barracks
    New Industrial Compound
    Visitor Accommodation
    The Railway Stations
    The Post Office
    The Schools
    Service Stations
    Facilities for Recreation
    Public Utilities
    Electrical Energy
    Economic Decline

Waterton Lakes National Park
Waterton Park Townsite
    Lots Advertised
    Park Administration
    Enlargement of the Townsite
    Departmental Reservation
    Government Buildings
    Staff Quarters
    Work Compound
    Municipal Services
    Electrical Energy
    Other Public Services
    Information Services
    Visitor Accommodation
    Public Camping
    Bathing and Swimming
    Modern Pool Constructed
    Townsite Threatened
    The 1964 Flood
    Land Use Restrictions
    Townsite Zoning
Townsite of Oil City
    First Oil Well
    Property Rights Extinguished

Jasper National Park
Townsite of Jasper
    Acting Superintendent Named
    Station Site Selected
    Steel Reaches Fitzhugh
    Development Planned
    Townsite Survey
    Permanent Superintendent Appointed
    Early Development
    Railways Amalgamated
    Townsite Extensions
    Railway Grounds Expanded
    Station Lands Surrendered
    Canadian Northern Station
    Townsite Development
    Park Maintenance Compound
    Semi-Industrial Area
    Staff Housing
    Fort Point Lodge
    Jasper Recreational Centre
    The Jasper Arena
    Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line
    Trans Mountain Housing
    Water Services
    Sewer System
    Electric Power
    Natural Gas
    Jasper's Church Buildings
    United Church
    Anglican Church
    Roman Catholic Church
    Baptist Church
    Lutheran Church
    The School System
    Jasper's Hospitals
    Medical Clinic
    Visitor Accommodation
    Planning and Zoning
    The Oberlander Plan
    Additional Townsite Extensions
    Garden Homes Development
    Mobile Home Sites
    Railway Relocation Study
    More Railway Activity
    Railway Requirements
    Study Inaugurated
Patricia Lake Subdivision
Pyramid Lake Subdivision
Lake Edith Subdivision
    Cottage Rental Activity
    New Applications for Lots
    Parks Act Amended
Townsite of Pocahontas
    Discovery of Coal
    Competitive Mines

Kootenay National Park
Radium Hot Springs Townsite
    The Hot Springs
    Government Acquires Springs
    Park Headquarters Established
    Subdivision Survey
    Early Development
    Gasoline Outlets
    Improvements to Hot Springs
    The Aquacourt
    New Restaurant Facilities
    Hot Pool Reconstruction
    Increased Patronage
    Camping Accommodation
    Bungalow Camps
    Park Facilities Improved
    New Administrative Headquarters
    Staff Accommodation
    New Maintenance Area
    Domestic Water Supply
    Sewage Disposal
    Electrical Power Supply
    Commercial Development
    Gateway Lodge Alterations
    Radium Hot Springs Hotel
    Townsite Redevelopment
    Acquisition of Leaseholds
Marble Canyon Subdivision
    Subdivision Surveyed
    Property Assignments
    Leasehold Purchased
    Park Warden Station

Elk Island National Park
Astotin Lake Subdivision
    First Cottages Erected
    Leases Issued
    Legal Survey Completed
    Long Range Planning
    Lease Terms Modified
    Final Leases Accepted
    Public Services
    Leases Extinguished

Wood Buffalo National Park
Pine Lake Subdivision
    Cottage Subdivision Planned
    Proposals for Surveys
    Conditions for Leasing
    Lots Are Leased
    Park Studies Instituted
    Merrill Report Reviewed
    Park Administration Transferred
    Final Leases Granted
    Winter Occupation Refused

Prince Albert National Park
Townsite of Waskesiu
    Early Subdivision Survey
    Park Townsite Planned
    Formal Park Opening
    Townsite Established
    Early Development
    Construction by Private Enterprise
    Townsite Extended
    Later Townsite Surveys
    Unemployment Relief Program
    Park Work Camp
    Work Compound
    Staff Quarters
    Townsite Industrial Lots
    New Industrial Site
    Later Commercial Development
    Planning Proposals
    The Bungalow Camps
    Public Utilities
        Electric Power
        Water Service
        Sewer Development
    Park Museum — Interpretive Centre
    Outdoor Recreation
    Marina Development
    The Park Golf Course
    Tennis and Bowling
    Roller Skating Rink
    Public Campgrounds
    Shack-tent Development
    Portable Cabins
    Camping Areas Enlarged
    Camping Inventory
    Increased Trailer Space
    Beaverglen Campground
    Camping Sites Relocated
Clare Beach Subdivision
    Leases Issued
Lakeview Subdivision
    Additional Block Surveyed
    Larger Cottages Permitted
    Leases Replace Licences
    Block 3 Surveyed

Riding Mountain National Park
Townsite of Wasagaming
    Clark Beach Subdivision
    North Shore Subdivision
    Park Superintendent Appointed
    Townsite Development Planned
    Survey of Townsite
    Early Townsite Development
    Museum Building
    Central Park Area
    Early Accommodation
    Formal Park Opening
    Townsite Extended
    Expanding Development
    Industrial Compound
    Staff Accommodation
    Forest Nursery
    Park Golf Course
        Water System
        Sewer System
        Electric Power Supply
    Public Campgrounds
    Storage of Trailers
    Camping Problems
    Wasagaming Campground
    Other Campgrounds
    Later Developments
    New Buildings
    Community Centre
    New Visitor Accommodation
Clear Lake (North Shore) Subdivision
    Leasing Authority Amended
    Upset Prices Imposed
    Leasing Privileges Withdrawn

Fundy National Park
Fundy Park Townsite
    Business Subdivision Surveyed
    Disposal of Lots
    Need for Restaurant
    Coffee Shop Erected
    Golf Clubhouse Concession
    Planning Affects Townsite
    Leaseholds Eliminated
Bayview Subdivision
    Survey Completed
    Arts and Crafts School
    Workshops Erected

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of the Hon. John Fraser,
Minister responsible for Parks Canada,
Ottawa, 1979.

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