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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 12

Lime Preparation at 18th-Century Louisbourg

by Charles S. Lindsay


Eighteenth-century methods of lime preparation were researched after excavation in 1968 of a double-kiln complex in the faubourg or suburb outside the fortress of Louisbourg because the structure presented a number of unexplained features. The first section of this paper deals with 18th-century kilns, limeburning practices and the slaking of burnt lime in France. The major part of the paper is concerned with the excavation of the double-kiln complex in the faubourg, and the remainder considers lime preparation at Louisbourg in general.1

Preliminary historical research prior to excavation was carried out by Linda Hoad, to whom much of the credit should also go for suggesting further sources of information. The photographs and drawings are the work of the graphics unit. Over-all supervision was by Bruce Fry, then Senior Archaeologist at Louisbourg. To all these people much gratitude is due.

Where measurements given in the text are from 18th-century French sources the contemporary system of pieds (1.006 ft.) and pouces (1.066 in.) is retained. All other measurements are given in feet.

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