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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 18

A Campaign of Amateurs: The Siege of Louisbourg, 1745

by Raymond F Baker






     The Landing of 11 May
     The Abandonment of the Royal Battery
     The Provincial Army Encamps
     Duchambon Prepares for Defence
     The Provincials Occupy the Royal Battery
     The Landing of the Provisions and Artillery
     The Erection of the Green Hill Battery, 15 May
     The Summons to Surrender on 18 May
     French Sortie of 19 May and the Proposed Provincial Assault on Louisbourg of 20 May

The Siege

     The Provincial Batteries, their Effects, and FrenchCountermeasures
     Royal Battery
     Coehorn Battery
     The Advance Batteries
     Titcomb's Battery
     Other Measures Taken by the French
     French Morale and the Capture of the Vigilant (30 May)
     The Attacks on the Island Battery (18 May—6 June)
     Friction Grows Between the Provincial Commanders
     The Erection of the Lighthouse Battery (12-21 June)
     The Proposed Assault of 26 June and the Surrender of Louisbourg

Appendix A. Chronology of the siege of Louisbourg, 1745.

Appendix B. William Shirley to the Lords of the Admiralty: Scheme for Attacking Louisbourg.

Appendix C. "Instructions given by William Shirley, Governour of Massachusetts, to William Pepperell, Lieutenant General of the forces raised in New-England, for an expedition against the French settlements on the island of Cape Breton."

Appendix D. Terms for the surrender of Louisbourg, June 27, 1745.



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