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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 22

Spode/Copeland Transfer-Printed Patterns Found at 20 Hudson's Bay Company Sites

by Lynne Sussman


In the mid-1830s the Spode/Copeland pottery of Staffordshire became the supplier of tableware and toiletware to the Hudson's Bay Company. It continued in this capacity until the 1850s in the United States and until the early 20th century in Canada.

This catalogue illustrates and identifies 109 transfer-printed patterns on earthenware manufactured by Spode/Copeland and found to date at 20 Hudson's Bay Company sites in Canada and the United States. The majority of the illustrations are prints from the original engraved copper plates.

Submitted for publication 1977, by Lynne Sussman, National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Ottawa.

Frontispiece: The Spode/Copeland factory as it was in 1834. The drawing is of an earthenware model which was based on an 1834 plan. The artist added features not shown on the model itself, such as the millpond and canal. (Drawing by H. Holdway; Spode Limited.)

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