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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 8

The Canals of Canada

by John P. Heisler




Canal Construction in New France

Canals and the Defence of the Canadas, 1763-1841

Canals and the Commercial Development of the Canadas, 1791-1841

Canals and the Early Settlement of the Canadas

Financing the Construction of Early Canals in the Canadas, 1779-1841

Problems in the Construction of Canals: Land and Contracts

Canals in the Province of Canada, 1841-67

Canals in the New Confederation, 1867-1914

Canals, 1918-



Index (omitted from the online edition)


1 Lt. Col. John By.

2 Eight locks of the Rideau, about 1828, by E. C. Frome.

3 Map showing the St. Lawrence, Ottawa, Rideau and Richelieu canals.

4 Eight locks of the Rideau, about 1830.

5 Sketch of the Rideau by John Burrows.

6 Map showing the Trent Navigation and Murray Canal.

7 Lock at the first rapids of the Rideau by John Burrows.

8 Burritt's Lock by John Burrows, 1832.

9 Entrance to the Rideau by H. F. Ainslie, 1839.

10 Map showing Canadian Ship Canal at Sault Ste. Marie

11 Locks of the Rideau by H. J. Warre, about 1840.

12 Map showing line of Welland Canal between Lakes Erie and Ontario.

13 Dam at the Hog's Back by Capt. Thomas Burrowes, 1845.

14 View from the entrance to the Rideau, 1848, by C. E. Ford.

15 Locks of the Rideau, about 1861.

16 Lower end of the Rideau, 1862.

17 Plan of hydraulic lift lock at Peterborough.

18 William Hamilton Merritt.

19 Plans and sections showing dimensions of the smallest lock on each of the Canadian canal systems.

20 Thomas Coltrin Keefer.

21 Old Sappers Bridge over the Rideau, by H. Cotton, 1867.

22 Plan of the proposed route of the Welland Ship Canal.

23 The Sault Ste. Marie Canal and locks.

24 A whaleback in the Sault Ste. Marie Canal.

25 Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, about 1897.

26 Construction of the Soulanges Canal, 1895.

27 Profile of lock sections of the Welland Canal.

28 Barge Cherokee of Kingston in the Soulanges Canal.

29 Profile of Lake Ontario entrance of the Welland Canal.

30 Entrance of the Lachine Canal, 1890s.

31 Plan of the Welland Canal with general dimensions.

32 Lachine Canal locks from the air, 1920.

33 Plan showing location of the Welland Canal.

34 St. Andrews Lock, Manitoba, about 1910.

35 Locks on the Rideau Canal, about 1914.

36 Plans and sections of smallest lock on each of the Canadian canals.

37 St. Peters Canal, Nova Scotia.

38 Construction of the Welland Canal, about 1927.

39 Aerial view of Locks 4, 5 and 6 of Welland Canal.

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