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Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 17

The Halifax Citadel, 1825-60: A Narrative and Structural History

by John Joseph Greenough

Appendix I: The Sally Ports

In the original plan of the Citadel, seven sally ports were envisaged, including three in the west curtain (one leading to the caponier), one in the north front re-entrant, one in the south front re-entrant, and two in the east curtain. Of these, three were abandoned (the one leading to the caponier and the two in the east curtain) and two were added, at the redan ends of the east faces of the eastern salients, for a final total of six sally ports.

Of these six, the two in the west curtain were built to Colonel Nicolls's original design; since the surviving documents for much of the building during the early period are sketchy, we know little about them. A plan and sections drawn to illustrate alterations in the privy drainage in 1856 has two sections of the south sally port.1

The four remaining sally ports were provided in the 1836 estimate; the east ones in item 3 and the reentrant ones in item 4.2 In 1857, an item providing for the construction of doors for the ditch ends of the sally ports was inserted in the Ordnance annual estimate. Because of an administrative error made in London, funds were authorized for only one of the six doors, and the item had to be included again in the following year's estimate.3

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