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Fundy National Park
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Canada 150 Welcome / Bienvenue! The National Parks of Canada Electronic Library is a portal to electronic publications covering the cultural and natural history of the Canadian park system, which includes 46 national parks/reserves, 169 historic sites (including 9 heritage canals), 4 marine conservation areas/reserves, 1 urban park and 1 landmark, along with documents from the history of the agency that has been entrusted to manage this system: Parks Canada/Parcs Canada.
This Website is not affiliated with the Government of Canada/Parks Canada, but is an independent effort to showcase the history of the Parks Canada Agency and the Canadian National Park and Historic Site System.
The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official Parks Canada/Parcs Canada Websites for current information.

New eLibrary Additions

Special Places: Eco-lessons from the National Parks in Atlantic Canada for Grades 4, 6, and 7 (Parks Canada, 2002)

Atlantic Canada's Natural Heritage Areas (Roger M. Beardmore, Parks Canada, 1995)

Fishing Methods Used in the St. Lawrence River and Gulf History and Archaeology No. 22 (Marcel Moussette, Parks Canada, 1979)

Marine Parks and Conservation: Challenge and Promise Volume 1 (John Lien and Robert Graham, eds., The National and Provincial Parks Association of Canada, 1985)

Marine Parks and Conservation: Challenge and Promise Volume 2 (John Lien and Robert Graham, eds., The National and Provincial Parks Association of Canada, 1985)

A Report on a West Coast Whaling Canoe Reconstruction at Port Renfrew, B.C. / Rapport sur la reconstitution d'une pirogue baleinière de la Côte Ouest à Port Renfrew (C.-B.) History and Archaeology No. 5 (E.Y. Arima, 1981)

Fort Anne Field Guide and Collections Management Guidelines (K. Microys and J. Stoddard, Parks Canada, 1992)

Slate Roofing in Canada / Les couvertures en ardoises au Canada Studies in Archaeology, Architecture and History (Mary Cullen, Parks Canada, 1990)

National Park Fact Sheets / Fiches de renseignements sur les parcs nationaux (Parks Canada, 2005)

Pronouncing National Park Names / Prononciation des noms des parcs nationaux (Parks Canada, 2005)

Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada (Map) / Écozones terrestres du Canada (Carte) (Parks Canada, 2001)

Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 23 (Parks Canada, 1980)
Blockhouses in Canada, 1749-1841: A Comparative Report and Catalogue (Richard J. Young)
Gaspé, 1760-1867 (David Lee)

Lieux historiques canadiens: cahiers d'archéologie et d'histoire no 23 (Parcs Canada, 1980)
Les blockaus au Canada, 1749-1841: étude comparative et catalogue (Richard J. Young)
La Gaspéesie, 1760-1867 (David Lee)

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